The Vision

ARU Peterborough is supporting the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority and Peterborough City Council vision of delivering a step-change in life chances for people in Peterborough and beyond. It will help to improve and retain the skills of people in the region while also bringing additional opportunity and prosperity to the area, boosting people’s health, wealth and wellbeing.

It will have a regenerative effect on the city, where local people, not just students, will benefit. This includes adding a new future cultural feature to the city, with public access, and will form part of a masterplan to improve the city’s Embankment area.

ARU Peterborough will link closely with local industry, providing research and development and space for new start-up businesses to grow, creating a strong link between academia and enterprise. The creation of a dynamic and innovative business ‘ecosystem’ will both create demand for the skills coming out of the university and support the long-term prosperity of the local economy.

ARU Peterborough will ultimately help the city and region become an even more attractive place to live, learn, invest and do business.

The Combined Authority and Peterborough City Council have been worked closely with partners and key stakeholders since 2017 in planning and launching the new university project, an ambition of the city for over 40 years.

Why does Peterborough need a new university?

Peterborough is in the bottom 10% of the UK’s skills levels. Although the city has seen economic growth in recent years skills growth have not kept up. Low skills generally lead to less productivity, less economic growth and lower pay, holding back people’s potential and quality of life.

A vibrant university delivering a pipeline of talent with the skills they need to thrive in local industries will also boost the growth of local businesses and attract further inward investment into Peterborough. This will help the city realise more of its potential as a place where existing businesses can meet their growth ambitions, and new enterprise is incentivised to invest in the city.

What ARU Peterborough will do

  • The University will play a pivotal role in the city’s future, raising aspirations, tackling skills gaps, supporting the local economy and have a transformational effect on the life-chances of its students.
  • The aim of ARU Peterborough is to work with employers as co-creators in developing and delivering the curriculum which will be led by student and employer demand and include a mix of on-campus face-to-face tuition and off-campus Degree Apprenticeships and work-based learning.
  • ARU Peterborough will act as a pipeline for the future workforce for the region. It will aim to recruit students from the city and surrounding area, providing opportunities for the region’s promising students including those who may not have considered a university education before.
  • ARU Peterborough will work closely with partners and employers across the city to secure placements for students, and to ensure graduates can stay in the region after they have completed their studies by linking qualifications to jobs.
  • ARU Peterborough will link academia with research and development, and entrepreneurship, creating an ‘ecosystem’ of innovation. These factors are part of the reason for the rapid growth of the Cambridge economy over recent decades. The phase 2 research and development building on the campus, a joint venture with Peterborough business Photocentric, will support high-value, innovative enterprise and fuelled by the skills being delivered by the university.
Find out more about the Anglia Ruskin Peterborough development by the CPCA
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Find out more about the Anglia Ruskin Peterborough development by the CPCA

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Chosen Higher Education Partner

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has a strong ethos of partnership working with employers across the talent, skills, innovation and business support spectrum.

ARU is ambitious for Peterborough and wants to invest further in the city and recognises this development as an ideal opportunity to promote economic development and tackle social inequalities across the region.

ARU has just been named as one of the top 10 mainstream* universities in the country for graduate employment, and fifth in the country for employment and further study, in the Graduate Outcomes 2020 survey.  And ranked second out of the country’s mainstream universities for the proportion of part-time UK undergraduate students in full-time employment 15 months after graduating. – with 97% in employment or further study

Collaborating with over 300 employers to train over 2,000 apprentices makes ARU one of the largest university providers of Degree Apprenticeships in the UK, this experience will benefit Peterborough employers and their current and future employees.



The Development of our new facility at ARU Peterborough marks a landmark in the university’s commitment to higher education. The modern building design has also been put together to match with our commitment of zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Our Vision

ARU Peterborough

The ARU Peterborough is the next step for us bringing high quality further education to other parts of the county. Our new campus will allow students to further their knowledge in the chosen area of study, as well as provide them access to advanced facilities.

ARU Students

ARU Students